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our approach is simple! we are maintaining our team with strong engineering and management background, this enable us to serve our customers with high satisfaction rate.

We are keen to give opportunities to highly motivated, dynamic and vibrant talent.

Current Vacancies @ Avion Engineering

Technical Records Specialist – trainee


Technical Records Specialist – trainee - part time job, tailored to your university schedule


Whatare your key responsibilities?


·      Updatethe aircraft utilization in AES Maintenance Tracking System;

·      Updatethe hard and soft copy Continuing Airworthiness Records;

·      Controlthe technical records archive;


What weexpect from you?


·      Verygood PC skills (MS Office Word, Excel);

·      Verygood English (written and spoken);

·      Performon time, towards the set targets, within the set deadlines;

·      Tobe well organized and able to work independently;

·      Payattention to detail and quality;

·      Takethe initiative and be a team player;


What are the Skills /Competencies needed?


·                Highereducation - technical - bachelor's degree;

·                Excellentverbal and written English language skills – level min. B2;

·                Self-motivation;

·                Excellentcommunication and interpersonal skills;

·                Enthusiasm;


What we offer?


·      Internaland external trainings and opportunity to become a CAMO engineer;

·      Parttime job, tailored to your university schedule;

·      600 BGN net payment for induction period (6 Months/4 working hours). 1000 leva net payment – for the next 6 months;

·       Permanent full-time contract as a CAMO engineer, after graduation and upon completion of internal andexternal trainings;

·       The opportunity to join a team ofmotivated young people who are professionals in their field;

·       Pleasant work environment and working climate, supportive relationships that foster your development.


Required documents:

·      Current CV


We highly appreciate your interest in our company and weassure that each application will be considered with strict attention andconfidentiality, but only those selected for interview will be contacted.

Line Maintenance Engineer (B1/B2 - A320 and/or A330).


Key Accountabilities:

·      Inspect completed work to certify that maintenance meets standards andthat aircraft are ready for operation.        

·      Conduct routine and special inspections as required by regulations, maintenance data and I.A.W AMP task provided by CAMO department.          

·      Check for corrosion, distortion, and invisible cracks in the fuselage, wings, and tail, using x-ray and magnetic inspection equipment I.A.W AMP taskprovided by CAMO department.

·      Examine and inspect aircraft components, including landing gear, hydraulic systems, and de-icers to locate cracks, breaks, leaks, or otherproblems. I.A.W AMP task provided by CAMO department.

·      Inspect airframes for wear or other defects I.A.W AMP task provided byCAMO department.

·      Obtain fuel and oil samples and check them for contamination I.A.W AMPtask provided by CAMO department.

·      Read PFR (post flight report) and interpret pilots' descriptions ofproblems to diagnose causes and make proper dessision I.A.W maintenance data(AMM,TSM,WDM, IPC..)

·      Read and interpret maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and otherspecifications to determine the feasibility and method of repairing orreplacing malfunctioning or damaged components.                

·      Engine or APU removal/Installation I.A.W last revisioned maintenancedata and WO, provided by CAMO department.

·      Maintain repair logs, documenting all preventive and corrective aircraftmaintenance, follow the PPW (paperwork procedures).

·      Maintenance of aircraft structures, functional components, wings andfuselage, rigging, hydraulic units, oxygen systems, fuel systems, electricalsystems, gaskets, and seals. Engine, flight control and Fuel tanks maintenance(critical tasks compliance).

·      Determine repair limits.

·      Test operation of engines and other systems, using test equipment suchas ignition analyzers, compression checkers, distributor timers, and ammeters.

·      Service and maintain aircraft and related apparatus by performing activities such as flushing crankcases, cleaning screens, and lubricating moving parts.

·      Accompany aircraft on flights to make in-flight adjustments andcorrections.

·      Performing maintenance on aircraft and aircraft components.

·      Inventory and requisition or order supplies, parts, materials, andequipment.

·      Ensuring Quality Assurance and Quality Control of work performed bydiligently following in full context technical procedures, instructions passedby the Certifying Engineers and Aviation Authorities Rules and Regulations.

·      Conduct testing on a plane's communication and diagnostic systems orwork specifically on electrical systems.

·      Communicate with other workers to coordinate fitting and alignment ofheavy parts, or to facilitate processing of repair parts.


Qualificationsand Experience:


•          Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License and be acceptable to the BGCAA

•          Qualified inaccordance with EASA Part 66. This means that holds he/she an EASA Part 66 AML.

•          Qualified inaccordance with Appendix IV to EASA Part 145. This means that he/she does nothold an EASA Part 66 AML.

•          Authorized by theauthority to release aircraft

•          5 Years working experience

•          Computer skills - necessary to learn and/or operate word processing, spreadsheet, database,email, and web-based applications.

•          Fluent in English (oral and written), ICAO TYPE 4 or equivalent;



·       Verbaland Interpersonal skills necessary to establish and maintain effective working relationships;

·       Technical knowledge of airplanes to understand diagrams, blueprints, and instruction manuals.

·       Detail-oriented,


The company offers:

·      Excellent remuneration

·      Stable long-term career engagement

If you are interested in this job opportunity, please send us your CV in English.

Your personal information/documents will be usedonly for the purpose of the recruitment process and will be treated with strict confidentiality and respect.

CAMO Engineer

SOFIA - Bulgaria

CAMO Engineer

 Aviation engineer - maintenance planning & technical records analyst

*  Preparation of  Maintenance Checks (Work Packages) and the negotiations with ref. to all work  that is required to be undertaken;

*   Preparation of Work  Packages by using CAMO Software (for example, Commsoft OASES) maintenance and  engineering IT system (preferable);

*   Triggering the  scheduled maintenance / repairs, as planned and defined in the approved AMP  as per manufacturer MPD, AMM, SRM and other documents;

*   Triggering the  unscheduled modifications and repairs (SB/AD, reported repairs, defects  recorded in the ATL),

*  Launching scheduled  and unscheduled Work Packages and repairs related to planned work,

*   Liaison with Company  Personnel, Contractors and Sub-contractors and Logistics Suppliers in support  of the day to day operations;

*   Archiving of the  Aircraft Technical Log and accomplished Work Packages and Task Cards for each  aircraft, engine and APU,

*   Continuous updating  and recording aircraft and engines flight hours and cycles,

*   Safe storing / keeping  all maintenance records, Aircraft Technical Log sheets, cards for routine and  non-routine maintenance, AD’s, SB’s and modification statuses;

*   Preparation of reports  post maintenance accomplishment, cost reports, contracted services cost  reports

*  On time delivery of all the above and any other tasks as may be assigned  by the Supervisor/Manager.


1.    The position is directly subordinate to the company manager/director

2.    During the work process interacts with clients of the employer

3.    Receives direct tasks from CAMO Manager/Accountable Manager

4.    During work performance, initiates organizational connections with  clients of the employer.

5.     Reports for every  completed task before the company director in writing.


1.    The employee bear responsibility for exact performance of the assigned  tasks.

2.    The employee participates in all courses organized by the company, aiming  at improving employee’s qualifications.

3.    During execution of his obligations, the employee shall not disclose any  information which he has acquired during the working process with the  Employer, as well as the employee shall preserve the Employer’s good repute.

4.    The employee shall attend any medical exam organized by the Employer.

5.    The employee shall follow the internal regulation for work and all other  administrative regulations during performance of his work duties.

6.    The employee is aware of the work safety regulations.

Eight hours working day from 9:00am to 18:00pm with 60 minutes lunch break  from Monday to Friday. Due to the nature of the business, we require  flexibility in work timings and availability, which will be compensated.
Additional Benefits:

You are entitled for medical insurance, available to you after successful  completion of the probation period.

Education: Higher education - engineer

Please submit Current CV in English and all  certificates, relevant to the position.
We highly appreciate your interest in our company and we assure that each  application will be considered with strict attention and confidentiality, but  only those selected for interview will be contacted.


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